The Union of Greek companies ALTUS-ADAPTIT is awarded with a significant project of high responsibility and importance for Europe, through a competitive tender procedure by the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA).
The objective of the referenced project is to provide UAV Services to Port Authorities of the member-states of EU, aiming to measure the sulphur content of ship emissions in compliance with the relevant European Union directives.
Research shows that up to 50.000 people lose their lives on a yearly basis in the EU due to maritime air pollution. This project is an important step towards the protection of public health and against climate change.
ALTUS-ADAPTIT Union of companies participates in the project by using UAVs and a cloud-based application solution to perform the following activities:
• Real time data collection from the UAV (EO/IR video and emission measurements)
• calculation of the sulphur content of the fuel burn by the targeted vessel
• Real time processing, storage, and distribution of the measured data to EMSA HQ, using IT infrastructure in order for EMSA to further disseminate to the End Users.
Apart from the regular measurements, in case of an emergency incident EMSA may call for ad hoc RPAS services to address potential incidents at an early stage.
“At these difficult times, when societies and economies worldwide are restructuring to face the future after the pandemic, ADAPTIT insists on its philosophy of extroversion and expands its activities to European-level projects of high responsibility and importance, requiring a combination of solutions based on new technologies. The European Union’s trust in our Group inextricably links our Group’s profile with the principals of expertise, reliability, and dependability.
At ADAPTIT, we work every day focused on our main goal: To produce and combine innovative, custom-made solutions and deliver integrated turnkey-solution projects, without any dependencies on conventional wisdom of typical methodologies. This is our competitive advantage. The combination of technological excellence and industrial expertise which helps us comprehend the past, improve the present and predict the future.” stated Mr. Vassilis Karavasilis, Commercial Director of the ADAPTIT Group.
“In a global environment dominated by uncertainty, where innovative and reliable solutions are required, ALTUS comes forward to the market with its ten-year experience on the competitive field of UAVs.
ATLAS seriess of UAS after proving their service to the Military and Security customers, are called to undertake an important role on the emerging market of air quality and emissions measurements; a field that impacts the health of citizens and at the same time contributes positively to the addressing climate change issues. The said project comes as an important recognition of our capabilities and competitive advantage to integrate different types of payloads on our RPAs in order to meet a variety of challenging operational needs” stated Mr. Zacharias Sarris, President and CEO of ALTUS LSA.