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True to our vision of evolution, we present our clients original, innovative and customized solutions. The active participation in developments, within this new and rapidly changing environment, makes the company overcome any borders and participate in European Projects related to research, innovation and IT.


VOXReality is an initiative that aims to facilitate the convergence of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision (CV) technologies in the Extended Reality (XR) field. We will develop innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) models that will combine language as a core interaction medium supported by visual understanding to deliver next-generation applications that provide comprehension of users goals, surrounding environment and context.


The PROBONO project envisions to establish a people-focused European construction industry, by working in harmony with the broader community of stakeholders, to deliver scalable, sustainable, and viable energy-positive and zero-carbon Green Buildings and Neighbourhoods (GBN).


INCISIVE project’s overarching objective to enhance cancer diagnosis and prediction using AI and big data will be reached by implementing work within 5 project Pillars.



Combining academic and industrial expertise through Europe, ONTIC developed innovative machine-learning (ML) algorithms for IP traffic characterization and demonstrated their applicability in the context of dynamic network management; it also made available a 0.5 PB dataset of actual network traffic traces. ADAPTIT led the Big Data architectural activities and contributed to use case development from the perspectives of a SME solution provider.


TELSCOSERV with PANTHORA are participating in an international consortium of companies and organizations including IBM HQ, Trenitalia, AIA, Aspisec. The consortium will develop a secure industrial IoT communication platform. TELCOSERV is the IoT Gateway Provider playing an active role both in the development of specific parts of the solution (API) and in the Livings Labs proposed in the context of the proposal of this particularly important Research Program.


Platform for the sustainable collective use of swimming water and improvement of bathers’ experience. The purpose of the PELAGUS Collective Awareness Platform is the sustainable collective use of bathing water, improving the experience of tourists and visitors in the coastal areas of the country, using sensors, IoT technology and crowdsourcing.

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