We are ready to tackle any
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ADAPTIT’s client list includes telecommunication providers, financial institutions, transport corporations, utilities and retail companies. We face various needs and challenges in every project we undertake.
We are, however, always prepared and able to deal successfully with them, utilizing our knowledge, experience and human resources to satisfy the needs/requests of our clients.


The telecommunications industry has advanced beyond its traditional business of enabling voice connectivity. The rapid developments in different technologies, the convergence possibilities and the growing subscriber base, especially in emerging markets, are pushing CPs to transform into Communication Service Providers (CSPs). CSPs are now moving beyond ‘voice’ and venturing into the data, media and entertainment fields. This transforming journey has opened new doors of opportunities to everyone involved in telecommunications.

For the TELECOMMUNICATIONS industry we offer


All transportation operations rely heavily on communications. Coordination of fleet schedules, tracking inventory, organizing and monitoring the arrival and departure of personnel and passengers, connecting with other transportation modes, organizing, scheduling, planning, implementing and monitoring maintenance and repair works are only a few tasks for which ADAPTIT offers optimum solutions and delivers turn key projects.
Increasing requirements create a huge need for transportation companies to adopt technologies that will boost their operational efficiency.

We offer solutions such as:


We provide integrated business intelligence solutions and operations support to make the ‘target’ information available to Financial Institutions. We integrate their business activities with networks for more efficient operation, while offering centralized administration, operation and control.

Managing a wide range of financial messages through manual entry and repair, flexible routing, configurable printing and other features.
Deliver business insights on demand by utilizing full, flexible business intelligence capabilities.
Our services for financial institutions can help them reengineer their operations to achieve higher growth, mitigate risk, increase security and ultimately maximize revenues.


Network management systems represent an emerging and critical market for the utilities industry. Utility companies need systems integrator to support their activities, however, many of the solutions available today are not sufficient enough to address the problems they face, so they are trying to extract value from their existing systems and equipment. ADAPTIT can help utility companies eliminate operational and personnel inefficiency, optimize the capacity of deployed equipment, and consolidate the management and views of multiple networks.

We help utility companies improve their operational efficiency as well as their reliability and service quality.


ADAPTIT is a preferred Systems Integrator for the retail market, offering Business Consultancy services as well as Preferred IT Solutions Partnerships from the Telecom and IT Industry.
Today, consumers have many options to choose how and where they do their shopping. Retail companies are facing the challenge to keep customers interested in buying their products at a time when a better deal is often just a click away. Innovative technology can help retail operators reach and engage consumers, regardless of the channel they are using, deliver the information they need and persuade them to buy.
ADAPTIT offers to retail companies a combination of Commerce solutions, Mobile applications, Business Process Management, Integration Platforms and Specific Point Business Solutions such as Loyalty, SFA and Knowledge Management.
ADAPTIT is a preferred Systems Integrator for free market enterprises offering Business Consultancy services and Preferred IT Solutions Partnerships from the Telecom and IT Industry.
ADAPTIT also provides collaboration with Telco Operator’s as well as Business Solutions which transform big complex data into insightful analytics.

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