IoT Platform

The new IoT Platform offers a comprehensive way for achieving sophisticated site monitoring, management and control. The infrastructure of remote sites and all of their subsystems (i.e. power, environmental, control, communications and security) can be remotely monitored with ease. The new IoT Platform enables our customers to do faster and better decision making, to use resources in a more rational and effective way and to cut-down operating and maintenance costs.

Operating & Maintaining Remote Site Infrastructure can be quite ambiguous, complex and expensive. Our customers enjoy the benefits of the combined state of the art technology and the best of breed professional services either on premise or on cloud (SaaS) deployments.


The new IoT Platform enables our customers to:

  • Do Faster and Better Decision Making
  • Make More Efficient and Rational Use of Resources
  • Reduce OPEX, Cut-down Maintenance Costs
  • Contribute Towards a Safer and Greener Environment


We are focused on delivering complete A-to-Z solutions which are comprised of:

  • a modern architecture IoT Software Platform (Dashboard/ UI, Database, Reports, Integrations to 3rd party Platforms),
  • IoT Sensors, Actuators and Gateways (developed in house or 3rd party), and
  • Professional Services (Training, Consultancy, ML/AI/Big Data Analytics, Installation, Support, and Maintenance).

We enable businesses and operations of various enterprises to benefit from the most advanced technology available today, to support the following.

  • Monitoring and management of IoT systems and sites concerning operational, security and environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, water/fluid presence/levels, intrusion etc.)
  • Remote control of different devices (power generators, rectifiers, UPS, PLCs, energy meters, air conditions etc.)
  • Data collection 24×7, storage and presentation using graphs and reports.
  • Customizable views and reports
  • Alarm generation based on customized parameters. Alerts and e-mail notifications.
  • Cloud & On Prem Architecture
  • Advanced Big Data Analytics & Making Data-Driven Decisions
  • Large Scale Deployments and Scalability
  • Predictive Maintenance Capabilities
  • Native support of all PANTHORA products and of a growing list of 3rd party IoT hardware, all in one platform


We provide innovative turnkey solutions for remote monitoring and management of IoT systems and site infrastructure to effectively support the following applications:

  • IoT Analytics ML/AI/Big Data Analytics – Predictive Maintenance
  • Remote Site Monitoring & Management for Broadcast /Telecom Operators
  • Telecom Infrastructure Equipment (Cabinets, Masts, Antennas, Manholes)
  • Environmental Monitoring (Temperature, Humidity, Weather Stations)
  • Power Consumption Monitoring
  • Digital Twin, Trend Analysis


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ISO 9001

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ISO 14001

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ISO 27001