We are pleased to announce that ADAPTIT has been a Sponsor of Corporate Social Responsibility action launched by DIGEA for children and young people from the Ark of the world SOS Children’s Villages, Merimna, MDA and Amalion.
The basic concept of Digea Corporate Social Responsibility program, titled “The Heroes of Digea”, focuses on the hidden real “heroes”, members of vulnerable social groups, with serious social problems, people who live in difficult conditions and manage to overcome the difficulties of everyday life without stopping to try and dream of a better future.
As part of the event, more than 300 children and their escorts walked on the Digea orange carpet to enjoy the avant-premier movie Robin Hood, while younger children watched the movie “The Enchanted Prince – Charming.”
Then in a specially designed area, they had the opportunity to participate in a series of entertainment events held at Odeon Escape.The action was honored with the presence of people from the journalistic, artistic and business world, accompanied by their children.