We are your Systems Integrator

ADAPTIT was founded in 2005 by Athanasios Tzaferis and it has since then offered premium quality services to telecommunication providers and successful solutions for enterprises, thus establishing its position in the forefront of technological innovations. Today, the company has presence in most European countries, having undertaken major projects in Spain, Sweden, Finland, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Malta, Bulgaria, Albania and Cyprus. ADAPTIT keeps setting higher goals for the future while remaining strongly committed to its corporate values: expertise trust, innovation, integrity. Its ambitions include the constant upgrading of the solutions and services provided to its clients and the active participation in the developments within this new, constantly changing environment some call the 7th Kingdom – the kingdom of useful, sustainable technology.


We believe in technical evolution. We believe in personal evolution. We believe in a sustainable future.

ADAPTIT is committed to itself and its clients to constantly improve its products and services so as to remain in line with daily growth and sustainability.


We, at ADAPTIT, see evolution as the growth solutions we ensure for others. Being at the forefront of technology since our emergence in the market, we make sure to provide the optimum possibilities to our clients. In this context, our mission is to always be one step ahead of today’s developments. In other words, we provide solutions as well as something more: we are able to create solutions.



Our Code of Professional Ethics is the framework for guiding the behavior of all our people. Specifically, the Code confirms our commitment to consistently comply with the laws and regulations governing the operation of our company.
See relevant document : CODE-OF-PROFESSIONAL-ETHICS


ADAPTIT applies an Environmental Management System according to the ISO 14001 standard. View the environmental policy of ADAPTIT  here

ADAPTIT applies a Quality Management System in line with ISO 9001 international standard ensuring the soundness of all operations.
View the Quality Policy of ADAPTIT  here

ADAPTIT applies an Information Security Management System in line with ISO 27001 international standard.
View the Information Security Management System Policy of ADAPTIT  here


We define evolution as the progress we create for others.

Our strategic thinking, expertise and products are focused on the transformation and evolution of businesses, with people and services that meet the increasing demands of the markets they serve.

We define drivers as guidance

We want to present our clients with original, tailor-made solutions.

We want to transform our clients’ dynamics into tangible results, by providing them with confidence and security in the face of the complexities of a fast-paced environment in which data, IT and telecommunications converge.


The meaning of evolution and its relation to humans and technology sits at the core of ADAPTIT’s philosophy as well as its corporate identity. According to some, technology follows an evolution model that is similar to the one followed by life forms and that is why it can be seen as the 7th of the planet’s kingdoms. The same theory says that technology is closely associated with the evolution of mankind itself, since it offers mankind more possibilities, more freedom, more opportunity. These notions are all embedded in ADAPTIT’s logo, which transforms the number 7 into a moldable, organic form that evolves, just like technology.

ADAPTIT is member of:

  • Hellenic Chinese Chamber
  • Hellenic German Chamber
  • American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce
  • SEV Hellenic Federation of Enterprises