The delivery of the new AIS stations for the Coast Guard has been successfully deployed

New stations are added to the network of automatic ship tracking system (AIS) available to the Coast Guard, as the procedures for the delivery of the project for the “Supply of AIS devices, accessory equipment and software” worth € 678,000 have been completed. The supply was undertaken, through the tender process of the Ministry of Shipping, by ADAPTIT.
As part of the project, AIS devices were installed in 93 Port Authorities throughout the country, increasing the capabilities of the Coast Guard in the field of maritime traffic monitoring. With the completion of the project, the design of which was carried out based on the geographical peculiarities of Greece and mainly the morphology of the coastline, the coastal AIS coverage of the Greek maritime space will be maximized, enabling more efficient recording of the ships’ position in real time.
In addition, it will be possible to monitor maritime traffic at local and national level, contributing to the better fulfillment of the mission of the Coast Guard.