ADAPTIT sponsors the national water polo team

ADAPTIT sponsors our Women’s Water Polo National Team, which will take part in the World Championship of Guangzhou in South Korea from July 14th to 28th, giving them the opportunity to distinguish abroad.
ADAPTIT support to the Federation is a work of corporate social responsibility which contributes to the promotion of national sporting activities.

Important contract with the Ministry of Shipping & Island Policy

ADAPTIT keeps following evolution steps !! We are glad to announce the assignment from the Ministry of Shipping & Island Policy of a major turnkey project in which we will implement AIS Automatic Identification Systems, that will be installed in 93 Port Authorities covering the entire Greek territory. The project is part of the Operational Program for Fisheries and the Sea under the NSRF programming period 2014-2020, 75% is co-funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (ETF) and will be completed in 14 months from the signing of the contract.